MitoVitan SkQ1 - the world's first interventional serum interrupt the aging
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30 ml in a bottle.

MitoVitan® SkQ1 - the world's first interventional serum interrupt the process of aging.
Innovative serum intervention action interrupting the aging process on the basis of SkQ1 ions was developed in Lomonosov Moscow State University with the support of innovative companies Mitoteh.
Intervention is the only way to interrupt a program of biological aging, inherent in our genes.
Under the influence of this program in the cellular power plants - the mitochondria with age increases the production of free radicals, increases the synthesis of toxic proteins. When transferring these compounds from the mitochondria in cells disintegrating oxidative processes. Under the pressure of this program is a "avalanche" growth of cascading changes associated with aging and premature death of the organism.

This damage gradually affect all cell structures, cause aging of the skin, internal organs and the whole body.

The peculiarity of serum MitoVitan® SkQ1 by Skulachev® is its ability to interrupt, stop the aging process at the level of mitochondrial organelles in the cell. The main active ingredient of serum, allowing the tissue to interrupt the process of aging, anti-oxidant is an innovative directional SkQ1 (plastoquinonyl-decyl-triphenylphosphonium) belonging to a new class of active substances - ions of Skulachev®.

The Moscow State University. MSU under the leadership of academician VP Skulachev created and confirmed a fundamentally new physical solution allows to deliver directly to the mitochondria of cells is extremely effective antioxidant SkQ1 up to 1 nanometer.

Thus, Ion Skulacheva® SkQ1 enters and fights free radicals, disables Formation of toxic proteins directly at the site of their appearance - block their synthesis inside the cell organelles (for other antioxidants such a solution is not available simply because the process is associated with unique physical properties (charge ) created molecule) that prevents the transfer reaction, injury and apoptosis, shifting the balance in favor of cell regeneration, interrupting aging processes.

Many years of scientific and clinical studies have shown that Skulachev ions slow down, stop or pay back the development of signs of aging of body tissues. From an aesthetic point of view, all this is particularly important for the body that begins to age faster than any one of the first - our skin. The first signs of aging are marked on the face, even when the whole body is in good shape.

SkQ1 uniqueness is that, being very effective antioxidant (a thousand times more active than coenzyme Q10), SkQ1 able to penetrate into cells and to accumulate in the place of formation of reactive oxygen species (free radicals) - in mitochondria.

Getting into the cell SkQ1 destroys free radicals. And then restored and still stand on the principle of sentinel on the border in our organelles, preventing the appearance of free radicals and disabling the mechanism of aging.

SkQ - thanks to its charge, it is the only proven form of molecules are able to penetrate the mitochondria with antioxidants on board.

It is proved that mitochondrial reactive oxygen species start in skin cells (keratinocytes and fibroblasts) mechanism of aging, the process of programmed-mated suicide - apoptosis. Conventional antioxidants currently known to man, do not reach their goal, to penetrate the membrane of the mitochondria of our cells. This power plants in which the combustion, oxidation of nutrients to produce energy needed for the body, we can say "motors" of our cells. In this key location for energy due to aging program embedded in our genes over time reduces the biological protection and free radicals (highly reactive molecules) to destroy and kill the cell. As a result, the number of cells decreases, tissue aging.

Skin thinning occurs due to decreased cell;
Degradation leads to reduced production of substances providing skin elasticity - collagen and elastin proteins and polysaccharides - glyukozamin glikans (including hyaluronic acid) responsible for moisture saturation.
Skin cells are constantly being updated, while maintaining a kind of balance of cell death and their birth as a result of regeneration. While we are young, the recovery rate is sufficient for maintaining the desired quantity and quality of the cells, the skin is thick enough, it lacks elastin and other substances, giving it a youthful appearance. With age, this balance shifts towards death, the skin aging.

SkQ1 interrupts the program of aging, oxidation of cells and thus save them from apoptosis induced mitochondrial reactive oxygen species. It interrupts the process of aging and shifts the balance in favor of regeneration.

Ingredients: aqua pentylene glycol propylene glycol ceratonia siliqua gum and pectin and algin, caprylic/capric triglyceride and spilanthes acmella flower extract, caprylyl methicone, hydrogenated polydecene, ethylhexylglycerine, plastoquinonyldecyltriphenylphosphonium bromide.

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