Bilberry extract plastifying mask - Mirra cosmetics
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Brand: MIRRA
Product Code: 3122_________________VALUE: 20 g


Provides effective lifting effect, restores skin tightness and firmness. Due to the bioactive bilberry compounds it prevents skin aging and improves complexion.


Enables renovation of skin collagen structures, provides lifting effect and diminishes lines and fine wrinkles. It improves microcirculation and capillary permeability, reduces Rosacea redness and removes swelling. Bilberry and green tea antioxidants prevent premature skin aging. The mask produces smoothing and rejuvenating effect after the first use.


Solum diatomeae, Algin, Calcium sulfate, Sodium ascorbate, Sodium phosphate, Tetrasodium pyrophosphate, Vaccinium myrtillus, Camellia sinensis, CI 12085, CI 77007, Parfum.


  • Empty the mask into a bowl with warm boiled water and mix it to a smooth paste;
  • Right after apply a thick layer of the mask on the cleansed face, neck and decollate skin with a pallet or a brush;
  • Keep the mask for 15-20 minutes, the facial muscles should be fully relaxed;
  • Pull down gently so that the mask peels off in one piece starting at your neck with the help of a pallet;
  • If necessary rinse your face with warm water to get rid of any mask residue.

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