Serum Spray for all hair types Cosmetics
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Brand: MIRRA
Product Code: 3253_________________VALUE: 50 ml


It’s a highly-efficient product for hair and scalp. A powerful nurturing and toning complex on the base of vitamins P, C, PP, E, amino acids, bioactive ingredients of ginseng, hibiscus, amaranth, burdock, essential oils and fruit acids enhance blood circulation in hair follicles. Argan essential oil, grain hydrolysates and polysaccharides restore and protect hair structure. The serum doesn’t require rinsing with water and is ideal for everyday use.


  • Actively nurtures and tones hair follicles,
  • prevents hair loss and reduces hair breaking,
  • restores hair structure and gives it natural shine.
  • Use

    Apply to hair roots. It may be recommended for a light styling, treating split ends and making hair shiny.

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