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Brand: MIRRA
Product Code: 3213_________________VALUE: 15 ml


It’s an efficient prevention of cold sores around the mouth. An active complex of essential oils, shikonin and natural sulfur in combination with anti-inflammatory effect of sweet clover and licorice cumarines and glycrrhizines improves local immunity, activates anti-inflammatory protection, and relieves the feeling of discomfort.
The balm is the perfect choice for taking care of skin around the lips especially during menstruations. It helps to get rid of linear upper lip wrinkles which are difficult to eliminate. The balm prevents inflammations on the chin and enables fast sore healing and chapped lips treating.


Protects and softens irritated or chapped lip skin and relieves discomfort from windburned skin. Heals sores in the corner of lips and treats chapped lips.


Apply as needed.

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