UMA-BALM with Sturgeon Caviar Cosmetics
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Brand: MIRRA
Product Code: 3099_________________VALUE: dispenser, 30 ml


It’s an effective restoring therapy product which is based on the use of a unique component – black caviar homogenate. It provides intensive regenerative and stimulating action on skin cells, activates tissue breathing, collagen and elastin synthesis, prevents wrinkles and improves skin’s microrelief. The complex of omega acids, olive oil and vitamin F adds the harmony to the rejuvenating composition. The vital energy and natural beauty of the skin is restored quickly and effectively. More information about Anti-age Mirra products here.


The balm is suitable for any skin type. It has nurturing, vessel-strengthening, antibacterial and regenerative action. The balm is able to increase the immune status, give the powerful impulse to the rejuvenating processes, restores skin elasticity and resilience.


Apply to cleansed face and neck skin.

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