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MitoVitan SkQ1 - the world's first interventional serum interrupt the aging

30 ml in a bottle.MitoVitan® SkQ1 - the world's first interventional serum interrupt the process of ..


Anti-Age Balm

Description A rejuvenating balm provides powerful complex effect on all the mechanisms underlying pr..


Eyelid Gel

Description An excellent rejuvenating product for eyelids provides: Activation of regeneration In..


Polyvitamin Balm Cosmetics

Description It’s an active bio emulsion for skin restoration. A vitamin complex of olive and sesame ..


UMA-BALM with Sturgeon Caviar Cosmetics

Description It’s an effective restoring therapy product which is based on the use of a unique compon..


Spa-mask with Knoll Therapeutic Muds Cosmetics

Description Mask for intensive improvement of skin trophism. Natural volcanic muds feed the skin wit..


Regenerating lotion with caviar sol Cosmetics

Description The lotion significantly improves the functional skin condition, providing metabolism re..