Eyelash Balsam - Mirra Cosmetics
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Brand: MIRRA
Product Code: 3034_________________VALUE: 6 ml


A complex of vegetable and essential oils relieves eye irritation and redness, nourishes hair follicle of eyelashes.
This balsam was designed for those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, drive a car, and everyday use make-up. The balsam not only restores eyelashes but also nourishes the skin around eyes. The result is tender eyelid skin, excellent color of eyelashes and enhanced growth.


Reinforce eyelash roots, prevents dryness and irritation of eyelid skin. Enhances growth, restores silkiness, softness and natural color of eyelashes.


Apply a small amount of the balsam on cleansed eyelids and eyelashes, avoiding contact with eyes and mucosa. It’s recommended to remove contact lenses before the procedure.

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