Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin with Jojoba and Alexandrian Laurel Oils - Mirra Cosmetics
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Brand: MIRRA
Product Code: 3015_________________VALUE: 30 ml


Active moisturizes and lactate in a matter of seconds transports and retains moisture in the skin. The complex of liquid jojoba wax, laurel lipids and fatty acids of flaxseed oil form a moisture retaining layer restoring disturbed lipid barrier. This cream is ideal for soothing and smoothing skin as well as for deep moisturizing.
Excellent moisturizing and long-lasting effect!


  • Actively moisturizes skin
  • Reinforces its protective barrier
  • Retains moisture for a long time
The effect of the cream is based on moisture retaining properties of Alexandrian laurel kernel oils – Pannai tree and Chilean rose. Prevents loss of moisture in the cells, slows down the signs of skin aging, and enhances its protective functions.


Apply on cleansed moist skin morning and evening.

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